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  • VSL Instrument License Key Question

    I am thinking hard about getting some of the newly released sounds. Just one thing: I'll soon be getting an additional PC for my workstation setup, and for technical reasons would want to install a lot of the same sounds on both computers.

    My question:Will I have to get 2 VSL Keys to be able to use the sounds on 2 different computers??? I know they're only $23 (USD) a pop, but a couple of thousand dollar investment in new sounds for me will be really stretching my budget, and even just an extra $23 may stretch the total price tag over the top !!


  • You can install the sounds on as many computers as you like; you just can't use them without the dongle, complete with licence. Therefore be warned that you can't split a Collection between computers. It's not a question of dongles, it's the licences that reside on them and there is one licence per Collection.