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  • VI for Opus comming?


    Will you bring out an update for Opus 1&2 so that I can use my old samples with the new interface?



  • welcome daniel,
    just to clear up a common misunderstanding:
    there can be no *update* for any legacy sample library from VSL, because they all use 16bit samples whereas the Vienna Instruments Software needs 24bit samples packed in monolithic files containing a lot of meta-information.
    possibly there will be an *upgrade* path from opus 1+2 to some product (lets name it the tiny symphonic cube for now), but there is nothing like that scheduled so far.

    in any case you can take advantage of the upgrade paths from opus 1+2 to the existing Collections - please see our discount calculator for details

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.