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  • Modern Times (1936)
    Song “Smile“ by Charlie Chaplin

    Alfred Hitchcock
    any by Bernard Herrmann

    Blade Runner (1982)
    V. Papathanassiou

    Amadeus (1984)
    Wolfgang. A. Mozart

    1492: Conquest of Paradise (1992)
    V. Papathanassiou good, it dosn't need the film at all, similar to Amadeus....

    well there are five really good ones, not three



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    @Angelo Clematide said:

    Modern Times (1936)
    Song “Smile“ by Charlie Chaplin

    Co-written by David Raksin as was the entire score.

  • 1) ET
    2) James Newton Howard's peter pan
    3) Basic Instinct

    also my 3 favorite composers

  • Magates, I didn't think anyone even remembered Basic Instict..... Great score huh? Horrible movie though.....


  • yea great score, and i think the movie is okay. mainly cause the score makes it work.

  • You know another similar scenario with regards to this was Congo. I thought the score was great, movie not so great. Jerry G, had a knack for keeping me intersted even though the move was flat....


  • ALIEN-Jerry Goldsmith

  • 1) Star Wars (all of them)
    2) Gladiator
    3) ....too hard to decide on a third one...

  • alien should be footnoted with howard hanson. The movie wouldn't be the same with out his music. At least in my opinon as huge howard hanson fan.

  • Was any Hanson used in the film other than the end title? Have you heard Goldsmiths original end title? A stunning work that is quite beautiful.

  • I haven't heard what jerry did, but I am sure it was great. And yea I think it was just the end titles but still it had a huge impact to me anyways.

  • I recorded it when Gail Eichenthal interviewed David Raksin on KUSC years ago. I like the Hanson but I think Jerry's music blew it away and was far more appropriate to the film.

    I'm guessing you know a little about KUSC if I'm not mistaken.

  • State Of Grace - Ennio Morricone

    brilliantly dischordant and hauntingly beautiful!

    Oh and in terms of "drony" scores:

    Copland - Howard Shore

    AND speaking of cops .......for jazzy it's GOT TO BE

    Bullit - Lalo Schifrin (or maybe Taking Of Pelham 123.......12note system)


  • Oh, no Gabriel Yared fans around here? How come....

    Possession, the english patient... just beautiful.


  • 1- A L I E N
    2- Poltergeist
    3- Gremlins

    ...but also
    Chinatown, Papillon, Patton, Planet of the Apes, The Illustrated Man and Logan's Run...
    as well as The Final Conflict, The Challenge and Night Crossing...
    fighting for a place in this top-3... [[;)]]

  • Aside from Bernard Herrmann I would pick:

    1. Close Encounters (or Empire Strikes Back): John Williams

    2. Alien 3 (or Final Fantasy): Elliot Goldenthal

    3. Basic Instinct: Jerry Goldsmith

  • 1. Harry Potter & the prisoner of askaban - John Williams
    2. Starwars (all of them) - John Williams
    3. The Lord of the Rings - Howard Shore

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    @Maya said:

    Oh, no Gabriel Yared fans around here? How come....

    Possession, the english patient... just beautiful.


    Actually I'm a big fan of Yareds - Never heard Possesion though. I really love his scores from The English Patient, Talented Mr. Riply, and what he almost scored for Troy - in fact his Troy score is one of the best scores in a long, long time. I'm sure it would have taken an oscar!

    Hmmm... 3 favorite scores? Thats really tough.

    - Shindlers List
    - Conan the Barbarian
    - A Beautiful Mind

    Atleast those are the ones I'm thinking of now.

  • My absolutely favourits:

    - Obsession by Bernard Herrmann
    - Legend by Jerry Goldsmith
    - E.T. by John Williams

  • Speaking of Gabriel Yared, is the rejected Troy score available for purchase? I heard that music too (when it was on his website) and think that it could very well be his best work.

    There was a rumor it would be released somehow so here's hoping...


    And another of my faves: Signs from JNH