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  • Well, after spending an incredible amount of time installing, reinstalling, installing, reinstalling, installing, reinstalling, I finally got this thing to work. To my knowledge, I didn't do anything different to solve this other than reinstalling, so I'm not sure what the trick was. I'm happy that I can now use the library, but I'm still shell-shocked at the amount of effort it took. Thanks to all you guys for encouraging me and offering suggestions. Of course I still wouldn't be a bit surprised if it all comes to a crashing halt again. I'll be working with fingers crossed.


  • Congrats Gary! Now we can all get some sleep knowing that you have survived the trial of fire and water and passed the VI initiation.

    It's like sailing through a storm front and coming out on the other side into the light.

  • Most of us are into film and film music. Who says the happy ending has lost its appeal?!

    Bravo, Gary!

    Now, make some music!!