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  • OS X.4.5 & Logic 7.2 newbie questions


    I've recived my first Vienna instrument yesterday.

    The installation process was fine (thanks to the video tutorial).

    My first test song was a pleasure (great sounds), but I was unable to open it again :
    logic message at opening "bad score deleted"

    I've then repaired my permissions, rebooted, switched my Vienna Key to the front USB port.
    From then, no more wanished song (I'm crossing fingersā€¦)

    My setup :
    OS X.4.5 Logic Pro 7.2
    Dual 2ghz G5 (PCI) with 2.5 Gig ram
    Viena Instrument 1.04 Synchrosoft

    Anyway, I've got severals questions :
    - Why is the VI plugin window opened outside the logic's plugin one?
    (what is the "open GUI" interest?).

    - the "VSL daemon" is alwways shown as "not responding" in my activity monitor.
    Is it OK?

    - I'm experiencing "core audio overload" after a wile working on a song. At this point I'm no more able to play it. The only workaround is to quit logic and then realunch my song (really time wasting).

    - I've only buyed a L1 collection (chamber strings), it seems that the wole collection (including the extended samples") have been installed on my hard drive.
    My "chamber strings" folder is only 29 Go, your website talk about a total weight ov 42 GB, why?
    Is it a way to hyde the L2 patchs in the VI browser window?

    Thanks for your help.