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  • vienna instruments + logic pro

    hi all.

    i´m just new to this forum. i´m working for three years with the VSL stuff (gigastudio 3) and i think there´s no better way to bring up symphonic
    arrangements !

    now i got the first five instruments of the new vienna instruments library and was glad to had the chance to install them on my MAC drive (dual G5, 2,0 Ghz, Logic Pro 7.1.1, OS X 10.4.5, 6 GB RAM) ...

    registration and installing was succesfull, but the system seems to be very slow!
    load time of one AU instance (without samples..) ist more than a minute!

    finally i created a `little` setup with 8 instances (solo violin, solo viola, solo cello, solo bass, orchestra violins, orchestra violas, orchestra celli, orchestra basses)

    just saved my song and tried to reload it, it takes more than 10 minutes !!

    than, i added a ninth instance, solo oboe. after that i can´t reload the song ...

    sometimes there´s a message, that something is wrong with my VI - key !?! (but the synchrosoft licence manager works fine!)

    now i transferred the whole library to a PC (P4, 2,8 Ghz / HT, 4 GB RAM, Steinberg - Vstack), load time ist much faster (and faster than gigasturio 3)!

    - any suggestion for MAC with Logic Pro to make it working smooth?

    - what kind of standalone VST hosts do you use on a PC?



    p.s. the new interface and presets are excellent!! congratulations !!

  • reading this 1st mac reports leads me to believe there is still a lot more work to do on these VIs and maybe the vsl silence on the mac side has been because of this ..

    i'm sure i'll end up "upgrading (buying again)" the vi set .. but it won't be until the reports are a helluva lot more encouraging

    edit... i see testing is taking place currently .. will watch .

  • We have done quite some research why OSX version is slower in starting up.
    We have fixed the startup in version 1.02 which will be available w/in next days
    (after our in house testing gives OK) - should be around 6 sec on a
    Dual 2.3 G5 .

    Initial startup will still be approx 1 minute - this is due to Syncrosoft code, which will be adressed by them, but we have no time frame when this will actually happen.

    Next loading time itself be adressed by an utility expected to be ready in 2 weeks.


    Christian Teuscher