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  • Price policy

    Sorry... the high level of quality doesn't excuse a bad (and near illegal) price policy. I own Horizon solo strings and Chamber strings. To upgrade to your new instrument for the basic (not extended version), I have to pay again the same value than before... It's a curious manner to show your loyalty with your previous customer ! If the new price covers the samples, it's inacceptable because we have paid before and as you know, the payment covers the right to use it. We don't have to pay again of course, except if they are totally new (you know it's not !). If the price covers the instrument, why have we to pay the instrument for each set ?
    My suggestion is : you offer a discount if we want to upgrade simulaneously more than one horizon sets. It will be more comprehensible ! For example, for me it could be the following situations : I will pay the price of the upgrade for Solo strings and 30 or 50 euros for the upgrade of Chambe strings... it's more comprehansible and more sympathetic for your previous customers !. [:O]ops: [:O]ops:

  • DUPUY - if you search all this has been covered before, no point opening up old debates again...

  • hail ... a person who sees sense !

    i fully agree with you DUPUY

    duck and waits for DG to come and slap my wrists tho [:D]

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    @DUPUY said:

    [...] near illegal) price policy. [...]

    While we welcome you and your personal opinion on our forum, we have to ask you to be more careful with your wording, please.

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
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    @fitch said:

    hail ... a person who sees sense !

    i fully agree with you DUPUY

    duck and waits for DG to come and slap my wrists tho [:D]

    You know you like it [:D]


  • [:D]

  • Dear Dudupy

    If you own solo & Chamber strings.
    Shouldn't you be wanting to upgrade to pro ? anyway.

    A car will get you where you're going despite. Just because there is a rollsroyse for sale, it doesn't mean you have to go out and buy it. Listen to the demos on VSL website. Its all anyone could asks for as far as music is concerned. Yes.

  • My car is not a Rolls Royce... It's not a problem for me like it's suffisant for me to have the basic version, not the extended one. I just used to upgrade regularly all my musical software to be at the right level of the technology and with others suppliers, the upgrade is not at the same price that a new acquisition. It's the first time I see that !

  • Yes

    Of-course VSL is not like any other Software. herb never gets the credit he deserves.
    And other company's dont want to go through the hard work. If i may suggest with all do respect, Get the pro edition. you'll love it. It has everything. If you have everything you will be happy, trust me. Those who work in the movie industry can afford the new upgrade, because they are obligated. The demos on the VSL are all pro editions.

    cheers, yes