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  • I need to move my VSL to another hard drive. Can I?

    Hello all,

    PROUD PROUD PROUD owner of many of the Horizon titles (bought just before the end of the holiday promo). Anyway, I picked up Opus Bundle, Chamber Strings, Woodwinds, Mallets, and Glass and Stones. Damn, these things sound GREAT.

    Here's my question. I didn't really know how much room this whole package would need once unstuffed, so I put all this on my main hard drive. No I think that I made a mistake, because my hard drive is FULL. No room for anything left. So, I'd now rather move the unstuffed files to an external hard drive.

    Two questions. 1) Is this possible in terms of the software...will it still work? and 2) Is this *legal* with VSL. i would be immediately erasing the whole lot off of my original main drive, so it still only remains on one drive.

    Any help would be appreciated!


  • You can put it on as many drives as you like, as long as you are the only person using it. As you don't specify what platform or sampler you use, I can't advise you of the best way to do it.


  • Hi John,

    thanks for the kind words.

    You will be fine, you can move your samples to different harddrives, make sure you leave 20% headroom so that the disks work fine.

    This won´t affect the Performance Tool.

    Best, Paul

    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
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    @Paul said:

    make sure you leave 20% headroom so that the disks work fine.

    So Paul, I guess that's 30% Canadian? [[;)]]

  • [:D]

    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL