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  • Does Apple and VSL cooperate?

    I was told that Apple's Garage Band Symphonic Orchestra package includes some samples from VSL.

    Is it true?

    Apple's Garage Band is quite cheap (99 EUR), it could be a handy, inexpensive orchestral sketchpad beside the "big" VSL...


  • Yes, spill the beans (as we Northerners are fond of saying)... That's if there's any beans to be spilt, of course [8-)]

    Could almost be an incentive to purchase iLife now that the automatic inclusion is apparently excluded using Tiger... (unless you pay up front!). I've often wondered about a "sketchpad" which could be used as well as VSL.

  • <a href="> [6]

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • What the hell is that? [:D]

  • Perhaps it the imminent G6??? [:P]

  • Looks to me like the new isolation chamber and flotation tank where Herb will be contemplating what happens next at VSL....

    (actually the name of the file gives it away: truckspillsbeans2.jpg) [+o(]

  • i think this is austrian humour [[;)]] he's spilling beans [[;)]]

    ha ha .. good one

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    Anyway, the VSL demo of Blue Danube sounds much better than Apple's...