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  • Dear Anna (& co)

    Dear Anna (as I can see you're browsing the forum right now) [[;)]]

    Can you let us know if the pressing of the first set of DVDs is complete and if they are en route to the distributors yet? Or at least an idea if it will be this week?



  • We are going to have the DVDs in Vienna with one day delay, which means, next Tuesday, February 14 (as a Valentine [;)])

    Then we will ship them immediatly to our distributors. Depending on where you are, you will receive them within the next weeks. In Germany quite soon, in the states we ask for some more patience. We have no influence on the customs [:(].

    Regards, Anna

  • Luckily I live in the UK then.....

    Thanks Anna.

  • Then I guess you'll have them in 2 weeks.

    PS: we can't wait to have the final products in our hands either. It's always a big moment to open the first wrapped product after all the work. [:D]

  • You're telling me [:)]

    Any chance you can give us some clues as to what it will look like to those who've ordered the full cube? Will we get a big box to put the individual collections in or are we just going to get each collection individually wrapped.

  • There is going to be a big box with the second turn. For now you will get 5 individual products and one day your cube is complete you will get a nice, big box.

  • Cool - there's a song in there somewhere too. "One day my cube will come"..... don't you just hate disney.