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  • Dear VSL - Questions and Comments

    Hi – I have quite a bit on my mind, so I thought I would post in one thread, rather than risking having several threads overlooked.


    a) If I install SC on say 6 different external hard disks, would I then be able to connect the external hard disk to a new computer and bring along the Vienna Key with no hassle?

    b) Would external hard disks be suitable for VI or would you recommend something else?

    c) If an external solution would be fine, what should I look for? USB 2, 7200?


    I know you are busy getting SC ready for us, but I think the information you are giving us about what is going on, is severely lacking. First when it came to informing us when there was a delay, and now in terms of what is going on. You should hire someone who’s sole purpose is PR. Someone who thinks of nothing but informing us on what’s going on, and answering questions on the website. For instance its quite mind boggling that the 5 day old thread named “Update for VI please” has been ignored. I hope you take this up the right way, because I’m really saying this with deep respect for your company.

    Slightly in thread with the comment above. I know that MIR is still in development, but by now I would think that it’s either so close that you can inform us some more about it, or so far away that nothing is certain. Whatever the case is it would be nice to know, and let me tell you why. I might be alone on this one, but MIR is actually one of reasons I’m getting SC. Even with the limited information there is, it just sounds so awesome! However now that I’m getting SC I would really like to know more about MIR and how SC will integrate into it. This is because I don’t enjoy installing 550GB’s of data more than once. Having 5 slaves I need to think about how I install SC, which collection on which PC’s, and how these might connect to a slave containing MIR. As a working professional I’m already using far too much time on wrestling computers, and setups and need to get it right from the get go. So please don’t hold back – MIR is very important to some of us SC purchasers.

    Thanks for reading (and hopefully commenting)

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    Thanks for your interest, Christian.

    As far as the MIR is concerned, I can't tell you much more than about two weeks ago ( ):

    @Another User said:

    MIR will be a software product that will need a dedicated (fast and recent) PC to work properly - especially for the real-time part. No audio-hardware required, but it can be used for outputs - so it is possible to use this machine as monitoring-source, too, if this is how you want to work.

    There is a kind of preview-mode, where all the (acoustic) positioning on the "sampled" stages is avaiiable, with some clever reductions of the amount of computed data. The output will be already pretty similar to the high-resolution results. Combining much more than 300 individual convolutions for each stage, they will have to be rendered off-line, until computers are fast enough for our needs.

    The data-transfer between the VI will rely on standard-hardware using specially developed drivers (details t.b.a. soon).

    If you happen to visit the NAMM these days, there will be a short video-presentation I made some time ago. - Maybe we will make this available online during the next few weeks, although I hesitate to do so because the GUI has changed a bit since then.

    We have decided to wait with pricing details until the product is ready for the market, sorry to say so.

    I hope there will be more info available at Musikmesse Frankfurt. In the meantime, I will ask our web-master to make the MIR-preview-video I mentioned in the quoted message available online.

    I think it is safe to add that the data-transfer interface between the MIR and computers hosting VIs is planned to be strong enough for 64 stereo-streams. The drivers are developed right as we speak, so the specs may change a bit, but at least this is the target figure. - As I wrote above: Ideally you won't have to buy any additional hardware for that.



    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library - MIR Project

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
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    Hello Christian,

    here are some answers, I will also try and answer all other open questions within the next days.

    @Another User said:

    c) If an external solution would be fine, what should I look for? USB 2, 7200?

    We are currently using a lot of Firewire drives that also offer USB2 (you never know...), but we stick to the Firewire protocol, as it is more reliable in our experience.

    Hope that helps a bit, and thanks for your patience.

    Best, Paul

    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL