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  • Basic Question - regarding Macs VI and RAM usuage

    Do the Vienna Instruments work as a standalone on the Mac or only as a plug-in? If they work as a standalone, would it be possible to run VI simultaneously as standalone and as plug-ins? (This would be aimed at maximizing RAM usage - as Logic, for example, appears to lhave an upper limit of 3.7GB of RAM, but dual processor G5's can hold 8GB and dual-core machines, 16GB of RAM.) What is the maximum amount of RAM on a Mac that VI can make use of?

  • I'd like to know that too. And, in the next best scenario, can we use a second Mac as just a stand-alone VI playback unit? This would let us avoid the need for a second Logic dongle (which is 1,000 USD). Obviously, we'd need a second VI dongle, but that's peanuts compared to another Logic.

  • I'd also like to know if the VI instruments work with RAX - - which at $30 is somewhat less expensive than a second license for Logic). If it did, then, in addition to using it on a Mac dedicated to VI, you could, on one Mac, run VI as a plugin both within Logic and in RAX - - thus overcoming the MAC OS's 4GB theoretical limit on any one program.

    I have been given to understand that each volume of the Symphonic Cube has its own license, which is stored on a dongle, but only one license is allowed for each section of the library. Thus it appears that you cannot, as is presently possible, split a volume of the library between two computers, by having two dongles with the same license on both. I wish this were not so, but it seems to be the case.