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  • Cleaning up sequencing

    Hi! Guys..

    I have been working on a new piece for the opening titles of an animation I am scoring. Its only 40 seconds long but I need some help.

    As you can hear the lines are pretty fast around 160 BPM. But I fail to keep in time because its so fast and the cello is not as agile as the violin and some how its apparent even in the samples. But, how can I clean up the sequencing in this composition. You will hear the strings are not very together in places.

    How can I clean this up? I mean, I can use the same MIDI track of Cello for Violins - but will that not sound mechanical? I play each instrument seperately to add more realism.

    I use Pro Tools LE 7...soo any help within that will be much appreciated. I cant quantise this...right? Cauz, they are not set 16th or such notes. And I dont really use quantize yet...can anyone help me on that please?

    Here is the Composition:



  • Herein lies the pitfalls of samples. To my ears Dave's suggestion is right on. Use .3's on the low notes, perhaps the short staccs and some regular staccs on some. It sounds sequence to me. Mess it up [[;)]]

    Maybe even vary the pitch a tad. Even if you want a 'robotic' feel (which is valid in many instances - you still want to have slight rythm imperfections here and there. This sound a little like you slowed down the tempo to record it. I never have success doing this as it sound 'sequenced' when I re-establish the proper tempo. Just some idea.

    Good luck.


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