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  • system requirement

    hi all
    please tell me can i use VSL in Fruity Loops?
    how much instruments can i load simultaneous on my p4-3000 with 1 GB ram?

  • Fruity loops!

    hehe sorry gotta laugh. [:D]

    The VSL samples are vast and huge and really you need either the Gigastudio, Kontact player, EXS 24 mkII, or Halion to run them. There isn't just a few different wave files for each sound, there are hundreds. Each note is independantly sampled.

    Your P4 could run several instruments with 1 GB of Ram but you really would need Cubase or Digital Performer running Kontact or Halion otherwise your gonna be stuck. And lets face it .. if you have the money to buy the VSL I'm sure you can buy Cubase (even a second hand version on ebay).

    Otherwise I really don't think Fruity Loops is gonna cut it. Don't get me wrong it's a fun program, but that really is not enough to drive the VSL.

  • Sorry, don't know anything about Fruity Loops or the PC that you're running it on at the moment...

    The important thing is not to give up, saying "All these VSL guys (and gals) are way, way above me" but join in the forums, chat to people and gradually get an idea of what is best for yourself.

    I've been a member now for almost a year I think (tempus fugit and all that) and I've still not got to grips with anything but the most basic level. But I'm not prepared to give up just yet.

    So hang in there and just have fun...

    P.S. Welcome to the forum, by the way.