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  • newbie question: Controling cell xfading w/midi sequencer?


    This may seem to be a very obvious question but I've never done something like this so I'm not sure how it works. I know you can control Cell X-fadding and velocity x-fadding with a midi controler on a keyboard (as shown in the video demos), but how do you do it if you are sequencing a midi piece in something like Sonar w/o a keyboard?

    Can you control those two properties through any assigned midi controler? So I could open the piano roll, select a midi controler and draw my curves for the values of the two cross fades?

    Or is it no possible at all... or is there a better way to do it than that?

    Sorry for what seems like a real newbie question. I've just never done anything remotly like this in midi before. [:)]


  • Hi JP,

    you can assign a Midi controller of your choice to Velocity and Cell x-fade and draw the controller movement in your sequencer. You don't have to have a keyboard, it's just recommended because it makes some things a bit easier. But I, too, mostly do my editing in the sequencer.

    VSL manuals

    PS: Never mind being a newbie - we all were newbies more or less long ago, and that's what the forum's here for!