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  • Need help with Demo DVD

    Hello all,

    I just recived the demo dvd. Great video, great sample music, eep... small problem.

    I have no sampler software. I'm still deciding what to get... if I'm going to get it at all (since the VI doesn't require sampler software). Does anyone know of anything I can download to still try out the sample content. I've never seen a demo version of gigastudio. Is there one for konkat or halion?

    Thanks! I was really looking forward to trying out the included sample content.

  • In Germany, there is a book about sampler (excellent introduction, helped me a lot) that includes Kontakt 1.5, a Two Week trial license. But it was kind of tedious to get it to work with VSL (maybe because it was my first try)">

    The cheapest sampler for sale is Halion Player , approx 80 USD plus Steinberg- Dongle 19 $, but there are a lot of functional restriction on it.

    I had the same problem, I bought Gigastudio Solo on ebay for 70 EUR just for that purpose. Now I have some VSL and the need to upgrade to Orchester Should have gone for the right sampler right away.

    But there is no freely available version for the Demo at all, AFAIK

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