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  • PLEASE HELP! I don't understand Kontakt installation

    Sorry for the double post, but I'm dying to get these things loaded up.

    I'm sure this is an easy question. OK...I just got Glass and Stones. On the disk are two folders ESX and Giga. There are instructions on the package to download the Kontakt files from the VSL site. I've done that. Now I think I have to extract either the Giga or ESX files and place them where I want them. Here are my questions:

    1) Which do I extract...the EXS or the Giga files?

    2) Once I've done that and place them where I want them (in the Kontakt Library folder), what do I do wth the Instrument files I downloaded from VSL website. Do I place them in the same folder as the Glass and Stones file?

    Thanks in advance...I'm DESPERATE!


  • EXS, and then follow the instructions, being careful to make sure that everything is saved to the correct level or Kontakt won't find them.