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    Is it compatible the new mac intel core duo with your VI?
    and if no, have you in mind an upgrade?

  • I can't comment officially. But I would gues that i) its not at the moment - a lot of s/w isn't including Logic (yet) and ii) i'm sure they will provide a Universal Binary soon enough.



  • Certianly, this is old news by now, but Apple revealed Logic Pro 7.2 last week-- release date is slated for sometime in February-- anywhere from two days to four weeks from now.

    Quote from MacWorld article:

    If you own Logic Pro 7.1, upgrades to the Intel compatible version will cost $49.

    Ah-- Edit--

    From Apple's site:

    The Logic Pro crossgrade (version 7.2) will be available to order on February 1st for $49, only on the online Apple Store. The Logic Express crossgrade is $29 through the fulfillment program. For more information, see the Logic Pro 7.2 Crossgrade page.

    Please note that Logic Pro 7.2 is not compatible with Rosetta.

    It says "available to order on February 1st", but it says nothing about when it will ship. It's not likely to be a download.

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    thought i just let you know that a public beta is available for download
    this might look like an unusual decision for VSL, but i have to admit: we don't have enough intelMACs available here for further testing ...

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.