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  • Advice For Mach 5/Kontakt 2 User


    I'm hoping someone might be able to help advise me. I'm looking into buying VSL, but am a Kontakt 2/Mach 5 user and were wondering what people's experiences were with using the VSL library within these two players and what the best way of utilising VSL within them was?



  • Hi Tony- I have that combination and it seems to be working very well indeed. Now that I have gotten everything working well together (a monumental effort in its own right, as I remember, but not the fault of VSL/Kontakt 2/Mach5-these are just very complicated state of the art inventions and it takes some dedication to get it all together) I find the most difficult part is understanding the articulations of VSL and how they work together, which is what I am trying to do now.

    The difficulty, by the way, of understanding the articulations is not the fault of VSL, who are very supportive, but the complexity of the enterprise itself. Using VSL is somewhat like being able to play all the instruments of the classical Europeon orchestra (with its centuries of refinement behind it). My method is to start out simple (maybe even a solo line) and try to make it sound interesting with a few of the many articulations available, and then go from there.

    And of course it takes a little effort to make Mach5 work well too. My understanding, however, is that VSL will not work with Mach5. I got Mach5 thinking that it did and decided to keep it anyway because I like some of the sounds (especially the drums and percussion sounds, which are not in VSL because they are not included in the classical orchestra-the rest of the VSL sounds are superior, in my opinion, to whatever counterparts they might have in Mach5). Kontakt 2, on the other hand, works very well with VSL (and also comes with some very good drum and percussion sounds). Good luck! I don't think there's anything that I can see about the combination you describe that has been that much of a problem for me (except, of course, that Mach5 won't work with VSL, but let me know if that has changed). Best, OJ

  • Hi Orijames

    Which version of VSL did you buy in order to import it into Mach 5/ Kontakt 2? Did you go down the Gigasampler or the EXS route?

    Many thanks


  • Tony- You're very quick this morning. I was just editing my message to tell you that VSL won't work with Mach5 (see my message to you above). I have Digital Performer, which works very well for me, even though initially I had difficulties because VSL was designed with, I believe, Logic in mind (I also have a Mac G5-I think VSL initially had PCs in mind). Of the VSL packages, I have Opus 1 and Solo Strings. OJ [[;)]]

  • Hi Orijames

    Thanks for your reply. This is where I think my problem comes in. I was wanting to get the Pro Edition which of course only comes in EXS and Giga formats and I've heard of many problems loading the EXS versions into Kontakt/Mach 5 and was wodnering if anyone had any other solutions to this problem?