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  • Solo Strings VI - upgrade price and availability question

    My apologies if this has been asked before, but I have really too little time those days to browse the forum and read dozens of posts...
    So I have 2 questions :
    1) I own the Solo Strings.
    Based on this, the discount calculator displayed 375€ as "my price" to get the "full" library...
    Must I understand that this is the price for turning my Horizon Solo Strings into a VI Solo Strings, nothing more ? Or is there something to add to this, that I did not catch ? (fee for the V.I license , whatever...)
    2) Is february the release date for the Solo Strings as well, or is it only for the full orchestra edition ?
    BTW, while I'm here, one more question : I also own Opus. What is VSL's current statement about making it a VI ?
    Never, not soon, soon ?
    I'd indeed like to know to decide if it's worth sidegrading from GS to Kontakt version... the V.I being vst instrument, GS is less and less interesting as a platform, integrationwise. But if Opus is ported to VI, I may as well save money and wait for it....
    Thanks in advance

  • 1) When you upgrade to the full version you get more artciculations and samples than you originally had. Click "Artculations" under the Sol Strings in the poduct info to see the new stuff

    2) The answer I beleive is "it wont happen for some time. Its not on the table now, but might be done at a later date".

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    1) The only additional cost I can think of is for the USB dongle. I don't know if it is included in the price and the Shop FAQ didn't say. Maybe searching the forums will give you an answer. Or some other user will.

    Regarding Opus being ported to VI, I believe the exact words used were "There are no plans to release a VI equivalent to Opus 1 in the near future." (see this thread). I haven't heard anyone from VSL suggest the "but might be done at a later date" part. Maybe that was meant to go outside the quotes. Sorry for the nitpicking Christian.


  • I just meant that they did not reject the idea entirely, which is pretty much the same as saying that it might happen. [:)]

  • Thanks Christian and Nils.
    Sorry for my bad english, Christian, I guess you did not get right my 1st question...
    I meant : is 375€ what I will have to pay to get the VI with all the new articulations (the "nothing more" was referring to the cost, not to the extra features).
    I guess Nils understood me better, and apparently there seems to be the price of the dongle to be added (which might be a mere 20-25€ if -hopefully- it's a standard usb key...).
    Well that's good news, I was vaguely thinking of purchasing Garritan's Stradivari, but the double of its price for getting the whole quartet instead of just the violin, and at VSL quality level, seems a good enough deal.
    Let's just hope that the Solo Strings' release is not too far away from now (the Strad being available already).
    Anyone knowing the release date ?

  • Ah ok - yes €375

    Well, if it does not get pushed back again the strings will be release mid feburary. [:)]