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  • Video demo

    Is there a chance VSL could produce a "real-life" demo video for VI? While the online demos of VI's "features" are interesting and somewhat informative, they fall short of answering many nagging questions. I am thinking that VSL could use an excerpt or a fairly short piece from Public Domain - one with a good variety of articulations and dynamic range - to show the actual and complete rendering of a piece using VI and MIR. Alternatively, they could create an origional piece for this purpose, if that would better audition VI and MIR. VSL could charge for the video, to cover production costs. In addition to the furnished manual, the video would be very helpful to anyone ordering the VI library. It should also reassure procrastinators, who are potentially the next customers for VI, MIR, etc., that they would indeed be able to use such libraries and programs.

  • Nice idea - but I disagree about paying. IMHO we sould never be asked to pay for tutorials. Plus the PR value of these videos would make it worth their while to produce.

  • A "real-life" video could be interesting because you can't really see how the keyboard is playing. You can see the notes on the GUI but it's hard to see if it's legato, marcato, staccato ... (droped frames).

    A video how to create a little quartet with Vienna VI should be great, no ? [[;)]]

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    @Another User said:

    ... you can't really see how the keyboard is playing.

    Spectrasonics have made some really superb tutorials for Stylus RMX where they have a small video cam window at the bottom so you CAN see what is being played.

    I also support a request for some "real" tutorials - not just feature demos. (The ones already done are nice, but are not really instructive as such)

    Regards - Colin

  • Dear forum members - it seems that no matter _how_ we make our tutorials, about 50% of our customers want them the other way 'round.

    A year ago, Paul took the enourmous challange to produce hands-on, "real-life" videos for our EXS- and Giga-based products; they were sold for little money. We had to read here on the forum that a) people want it for free (of course) and that b) there were too little direct screen-shots to be seen.

    Now the VI-team made videos with just straight screen-captures and give them away for free downlading, and now this aproach seems to be to puristic ... sigh.

    But nobody told us that creating virtual orchestral instruments is an easy job, I know ... [H]

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Well you can't please everyone, so just remember that it's what I want that is important [:D]

    However, I think that the suggestions that the video shows the screen and a little keyboard, with controllers down the bottom, are good, as I, and others, feel that we would like to see the screen and the keyboard.

    Regarding the previous videos, I never saw one, as by the time that they were released (AFAIK) I had already become entrenched into my working pattern, and at my age change is really hard [:(]


  • Well - however you do them, make them free - everything else is just a strange business policy.

    I'm actualy very happy with the new demos you have made. I just want more while I wait to get my own hand on the Cube [:D]

    In fact I dont recall anyone seriously critizing the new vids

  • Dietz - please don't misunderstand me. I think the new videos are very good. I'd just like to see detailed step by step demonstrations of how to use various elements of the new Vi's.

    I find it very useful and instructive to watch a pro (or someone experienced) as they move through the method of use. You guys know the software and can teach us stuff we might not even think of doing.

    So....please keep them coming! [[;)]]

    Regards - Colin