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  • NAMM 2006

    I have returned from NAMM and I must say that the VI demo was quite impressive. It was a little hard to tell in that noisy enviorment with the SPL limits that VSL had to stick with but I thought that the VI samples sounded quite good. With the exception of one notable mishap the demo went very smooth. The mishap came when a solo violin speed detection got hung up in a machine gun several times. They said it was a bad hard drive and I hope that's all it was. I again was impressed by the loading speed and the easy of use. The universal mode was not demonstrated but I asked to see it after the demo and he loaded it right up and it played effortlessly. Stupid of me but I was surprised and embarrassed that I didn't realise that you can add more choices to the universal mode by simply adding rows or columns to the matrix.
    They did confirm that VI is at the press and will probably hit the US at the begining of March. I can't wait.
    P.S. The NAMM show was the busiest I've seen it in years.

  • How about us Europeans? Can we still expect the first batch of VIs end of January/early Feb????? Time Space have had the full £3k for nearly two months already [[:|]]

  • I guess it's mid Feb for you guys.