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  • will the new Logic 7.2 still have VSL support in exs24

    Just seeing the upgrade/crossgrade for logic posted up on the web..

    i'm wondering , as vsl has gone to their own VI format , whether we'll still see logic exs24mII have the built in VSL tools


    or have we been left out in the cold

  • I'm fairly certain that this update doesn't effect EXS in anyway what so ever (at least there was no mention of it). Even if it does, I highly doubt that they'd remove existing functionality from it.

  • That's what I think - wouldn't make sense because some people are bound to stay with their existing VSL editions, and you can also use both at the same time, e.g., if you just want one Vienna Instruments Collection because it contains instruments you'd like to have but don't really need the others ... So chucking it out wouldn't be good advertising for Logic 7.

    VSL manuals

  • Well, will universal code (G5 and Intel) require universal code? I think that is the question.

    And will the Performance Tool also make a transition to MacTel?