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  • recommended midi controllers

    I'm am looking for a new midi controller that works well with VSL.
    Any suggestions? Cheaper cost the better.


  • Hi Alex,

    there's so many Midi controllers on the market nowadays, ranging from little boxes to full-scale keyboards with heaps of knobs and faders that it's really hard to recommend anything. Best to try them out at a local music store and find out what you're comfortable with. If it works with other applications, there's no reason why it shouldn't work with VSL products - but naturally, "cheap" and "quality" don't always come together.

    VSL manuals

  • Thanks for the reply. I was just curious what people where happy with. I'm going to try and make it with a Novation Remote LE 61. It seems to fall into the cheap/quality area. It gets release mid Feb. Also, if you've gotta have aftertouch, check out the Novation Remote 61.


  • You're welcome, and thanks in return! I've been thinking about getting a keyboard with aftertouch, but hadn't come to a decision ... will certainly have a look at the Remote 61.


  • I am going to buy a Novation Remote for the VI's too ... but not the LE version.

    It has so many options for assining midi controllers .... aftertouch, the XY touch pad, the comined mod wheel / pitch wheel, 8 rotary encoders just to name a few ......

    Thomann in Germany seem offer the best pricing on this particular product, anywhere in Europe. £149 for the Remote 49.

    By local dealers told me it was due to be phased out.

  • I'm not keen on controllers with a pitch/mod or joystick combination. A nice ,big , dedicated Mod wheel and pitch wheel are essential controllers for expressive playing IMHO. The rest is just bells & whistles. But, I haven't tried the Novation, so maybe it's better than I think, to be fair.

    If you're not specifically looking for a portable solution I'd say the combination of an 88-note master keyboard and external fader/rotary knob box is the best setup.