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  • UDC Dance Project

    Hi! Everyone,

    For a couple of months, I have been working on a Dance Project with the University Dance Company in my university with co-composer Joe Brooke Smith.

    I am giving you a link for a draft version which is 8:46 long - Its going be a performance. We work with choreographers every week. The piece is not finished so it will end abruptly and some of the transitions and sounds are not completely polished.

    Some of you might have heard the intro as part of another piece of mine. But do listen to it beyond the intro - its all different. Also, the piece may not stand on its own. Its not a piece - its more like for a performance. A specific performance.

    Its the biggest and the most complex thing I have ever done. It combines, Orchestral music with electronic, world music and the line between sound design and music has been blurred here.

    The section till 1:41 was done by myself. After that, the synth sounds and rhythm was done by my co-composer and I did the world instruments part. The section after that 3:52 onwards was done by me. At 5:23, the rhythm was originally done by me but it has been heavily processed and polished by my friend. I did the orchestral part for that too and everything else that follows. My friend is working on the ending now which will be another minute and a half.

    Well, here is the link:

    The file is a bit large though - 12 MB or so.

    I hope you will like it. Dont know how many of you actually like electronic music. I hope you enjoy listening to it.

    Any comments are welcome!


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