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  • first 10 instruments in january


    I read somewhere in this forum that 'the first 10 collections will be out in january'. This can also be read on the products page. I am a bit confused as the SC consists of 10 collections.
    What instruments exactly will be delivered in january?

    Gerard Beljon

  • When you click on each collection on the product page, it saw either janurary, feburary or march.

  • thank you Christian, that helps.

    My problem is that I have to start working on an orchestral piece now, so I have to begin with the 'old' pro edtion on Giga and will then gradually use more of the VI instruments as they are delivered up to april.
    The creating of a set up is in effect part of the composing process, make all the instruments sit in front of me, ready to play.
    In general it is a bit unclear in that respect what kind of set up to make at this moment. I cannot yet use the whole VI orchestra yet, and I do not really like to start working in the old way with lots of channels for one instrument. I am curious if and how many people will still find use for their 'old' Giga + pro set up in the new situation with VI.

    Also a bit unclear is this 'universal mode'. What I do not understand is if this mode is like a 'pre-fab' mode to be used for complete instruments.
    Only three articulations are specified in the strings and only two for the woodwinds. Does that mean we cannot use more than these articulations for one instrument in this universal mode?



  • If I am not mistaken you can use Universal mode as a base. Then add whatever extra articulations you need to it, and 'save'.

    Regarding your problem. Well personaly I'll be sticking with ProEd until all the collections are here - and maybe even MIR since that will likely impact on the setup aswell. I'll install a few collection to try it out surely, but I doubt it will be seriously going into my work template until I have it all.

  • AFAIK "Universal Mode" isn't anything special other than a set of very large and complex matrix files for that instrument.

    It's not anything special so it would be quite possible to build your own Universal Mode with whatever you need either from scratch or based upon the exisiting "preset". The only limit would be RAM (physical as well as the usual MAC/WinXP RAM idiosyncrasies)...