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  • Software VI Demo?

    Haven't been around for a little while so maybe I've missed something, but when will a software demo of a VI be available for testing?

    I get the feeling that a lot of members including myself are, despite the audio demos, unable to evaluate how these instruments might affect our personal working methods.

    The 6th January deadline for early adopters is fast approaching, but there's no way I could hemerage that sort of cash without having tried it first. I'm sure there will be others who feel the same. Please help us to make an informed decision and buy your stuff! [[;)]]

    Regards and a Merry Christmas to all!


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    @Another User said:

    The 6th January deadline for early adopters is fast approaching
    colin, the 6th january deadline is for the 35% off for the sample libraries (holiday price) - the virtual instruments are not affected ...

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • Thanks Christian, I was referring to the Organ actually. But also to some degree, the fact that there is some built-in discount if I purchase the whole Cube, as opposed to buying a single VI purely for trial purposes.


  • It should be nice a free software to test your system before buying VI libraries. It gives you some indications like : your will be able to load ___ samples, etc etc ... no ?


  • SyQuEsT : As to my knowledge there is no vendor of VI's offering a demo.
    This is because the Virtual Instrument is tightly intertwined with content,
    which is quite huge.

    In our case a decent demo version, where you can make judgements, would have to come with 5-8GB of data. This is far too much for download.

    On the other hand a hard copy shipment would generate quite some costs which had to be covered - means: not free anymore.

    Thus the demonstrations are limited to videos and sound examples.



  • Hmmm,

    there are tons of demos of VIs, even of sample player VIs, samplers (Kontakt, HAL) or sample libs (VSL, Hybrid Piano, etc.).

    There was even a demo of VSL - Pro and Horizon - with 2 or 4 GB of samples - disrtributed on DVD.

    Hybrid Piano was even a download (400MB, extracted 800).

    I do not know if we would need 5-8 GB of content though. But as there are 4 GB libs sold for download, well, it is not impossible.