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  • Discount Calculator Problem

    I posted this in the Website Forum, but thought someone in here might be able to help or suggest something...

    When I click on Opus 1 and FX Percussion and click on Full Library to see the discount, the calculator gives me a $920 discount.(on VI Strings I & II, Harps, Brass I & II, Percussion, and Woodwinds I & II) When I also click Pro Edition Percussion (in addition to Opus 1 and FX Percussion), the calculator only gives me a $535 discount.(only on VI Percussion) Why is this?

    I also noted that the discounts on the VI Strings, Harps, Woodwinds, and Brass were all taken away when I added the Pro Edition Percussion. The discount it gave me was only on the VI Percussion. Why is this happening?

    I currently own Opus 1 and FX Percussion and was considering getting the Pro Edition Percussion. I wanted to see how this would affect the discount if I eventually decided to purchase the VI. So when the calculator gave me less of a discount I was confused.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks a lot!

  • this is an unresolved issue (to be displayed) ... basically pro edition overrules opus (because opus is inherited in the pro edition).
    but if you have single modules of the pro (or even the first) there is still some content from opus which should entitle you for a discount.

    unfortunately the algorithm to compare for each collection (and finally each inherited instrument) which registered product gives you the better discount is not finalized - we hope to get it online soon.

    in your case the pro percussion would partly overrule FX percussion and the percussion portion of opus 1 - adding the discounts manually would result in $ 1.165 total discount for registered opus 1, FX and pro percussion


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.