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  • Plans for an "Opus VI" in the works?

    Hello, VSL people. This is my first post, and I am not an owner of any VSL products, although I am getting ready to make a purchase. (I'm a young composer finishing my master's degree and aiming for film composition.) The Opus Bundle is within my price-range with the holiday discount, but I am confused about one thing. (Please forgive me if this has been explained before.) I've lurked on this board for a little while and have noticed posters alluding to an "Opus VI", which I assume implies a similar collection to the original Opus Bundle, but for the new VI. Is this a product that is, in fact, in the works?

    Thanks for listening-- darien

  • Hi Darien,

    even if it was - which I don't know myself - it certainly wouldn't be released in the near future because the VSL schedule calls for other things first. I'm sure you could put that time to good use with Opus I without regretting the purchase ...

    VSL manuals

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    Hi Darien, I'm in the same situation as you and I asked the very same question in this thread. I got this a bit ambigous answer from Martin (a moderator):
    "There are no plans to release a VI equivalent to Opus 1 in the near future".
    I'm still wondering if this means that there are plans (but not for the near future) or that there are no plans. Knowing wheather there will be a future upgrade alternative (even if nothing much yet could be said about it's release date or contents) would certainly make the decision to invest in Opus easier. A clarification on this issue from the core VSL team would be much appreciated.


  • Well, no official VSL ...

    Well, I also followed these threads with great interest, as i have some Horizon which immigrate in the Somphonic VIs - and the costs seem pretty unrelated to the Horizon instruments.
    What I gathered is: They might not know yet. I guess they where somehow suprised by the mix emotions about the VI, had other things in mind and then I somehow felt that they began to consider other scenarios as well. It might be that they just want to release the cube and see how many customers jump to the VI and how may do not (jump ship).

    If 80% of the Opus users find that it is a great update and immediately by the VIs, they might just say, well,.... But if 80% do not move to the VI and make clear, a solution that fits their needs or a warm-heardly-goodbye that would be a different story.

    On another thread they also said that Horizon and Pro Ed will be around for quite some time.

    Just a few thoughts


  • Thanks, everyone for the replies. Nils, thanks for linking to that other thread; I must say, it put my mind at ease that i was doing the right thing by going ahead with the purchase.