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  • VI parallel with GS?

    Evrybody who upgrades from already existing VSL-Librarys to VI theoretically has the chance to run each VI once and double with his old Samples. This could be perhaps an advantage, If ever it is possible to run Gigastudio and the VI-Plugin parallel on the same PC.

    That must not be impossible at all.

    Some time ago f.i. someone has posted he broke the 1,2 GB -Limit of Gigastudio with running some VSL-Samples with Kontakt parallel to GS. This requires a Rewire-Setting fpr GS in a local Host-App of this PC.

    Beside SX3 on the sequencer-PC I've got f.i. Cubase SL aswell as Cubase SE on other Pc's running. If I link the external Midi and Audio Connetion with the Sequenver-PC to the local Host-App, why schouldnt I start the VI for the "dongeled" VI's and Rewire GS for the free VSL Samples parallel.
    So VIenna have you ever tested something like this with the VIs?.

  • No, not yet tested.

    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL