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  • All these new VIs...

    Wow, all these plans for these new VIs concerns me slightly, only because there are SO many orchestral articulations and sounds that haven't been covered yet!

    PLEASE PLEASE tell me that VSL's future plans include 20th century extended techniques of all applicable orchestral families solo and group BEFORE diverging too far away from the ballpark (such as these piano, choir, maybe jazz articulations?, etc.)

    This is because techniques like those pioneered by Penderecki, Ligeti, George Crumb and many others are very desirable in composition for film (and other genres).

    I have many older libraries that I keep (Adv. Orchestra, Project Sam, Smart Violins, Perfect Piano, etc.) for all the weird little noises and tidbits because there is absolutely no way to use the regular articulations of VSL to even approximate this stuff.

    Even if the wizards at VSL were to do these without any legato/performance implementation these sounds would still be incredibly valuable to rounding out the orchestral palate.


  • Hello,

    I agree, that would be very interesting! I am using a lot of these techniques with thousands of, samples still on my Akai S6000, some of them I played in myself, some are recorded from musicians that came to me. Like a saxophone player that played quartertones for me. Or the same note with two different grips played like a trill, beautiful! Really usable, gives so much more life to the music. But it would be very nice to have a scala of samples, also orchestral from VSL.


    Gerard Beljon

  • I second that. 20th century Instrumental FX's are of course not only necessary to produce Demo Tapes for Donaueschingen, as far as those FX often sound even better in other perhaps moer tonal contexts.
    Film-musicians f.i. will have very much use for them if they are well done.

    So since you are in Vienna, please ask perhaps Prof. Beat Furrer for help who has a very good taste and a great experience both as a Composer and a Conductor of subtble and soundful experimental Music.
    Just an Idea