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  • Technical question about VI (ghost legato notes)

    I don't know if this has been brought up yet, but how are accented legato passages handled with the new VI. Previously the accented note was loaded into one channel, the legato into another, and through the use of a 'ghost' note, you could still hear the transitions of the other notes in the legato passage.

    We just programmed this option into our slurs in our notation program (the old way) and I wonder how the new VI will change this process. I'd hate to have to tell the programmer to turn around and redo that functionality, although I'm sure it will change somewhat.

  • You can switch between different patches or matrix slots without any limitation.
    If the notes are connected (no gap between the notes) you will get the right intervall sample if you switch to a performance intervall patch. So you get the same result using the ghost note function, but you don't need this function any more, because the VI is managing this automatically.


  • So, in short, this will become a 'legacy' feature only applicable to earlier versions of VSL. That's fine since I'm sure the older products will remain in use for some time after the initial VI launch. I just wanted to make sure there's no massive rethinking of the process. It looks like in the future the VI will simply note that you've keyswitched to the legato matrix and play the transition anyway. Cool, that's good news.