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  • Some of my compositions

    Hi, I'm a long time musician and relatively new composer just getting into the film industry. I wrote this piece a couple of weeks ago and thought I might post it here.

    I have some of my other music on my soundclick page. They're primarily orchestral soundtracks and piano solos.

    Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy.

  • the choir sounds great. Which is it. Reminds me of the zimmer type choral stuff. The orchestral stuff is less convincing but I am sure you will improve at a phenomenal rate if this some of your really early stuff.

  • This is fun! I especially like the synth (?) noise that starts just before the uptempo, dramatic part kicks in. What is it?
    Is the piece finished? I hate to say it, but to me the ending is a bit of a letdown since it seems to water down too much...

  • Thanks for the comments. The choir library is Symphony of Voices. No it's actually not finished yet. My computer couldn't handle all the different tracks at once so I had to end it rather quickly. However, I jut got a new macintosh that I'll be working with very soon. I plan on rewriting this piece a little differently and building it up more throught the entire song. Thanks again.

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