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  • New composition (for picture)

    Hi all !

    I've been requested to write a short (2'30'') orchestral piece supposed to support some movie sequence. It must be kind of dramatic and/or romantic and easy to listen to.
    Here it is :

    then download tuba.mp3

    I hope you will be kind enough to forgive the low level and the unclever very end (the piece still needs some work).
    Thank you for sharing your opinions !


  • I like that as a musical piece. Would it be possible to place the imstruments with more depth? In other words, could you put a lot more reverb into the mix?

    Very nice.

  • I like it. Not really dramatic to my ears, but more romantic and a bit bittersweet. I like the slower pacing. Really great to slowly dance on, late at night.

    As for the technical comments I hear that the programming could improve somewhat, but hey... that always is the most 'un-fun' part of writing, at least to me...!

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