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  • Ordering via Website then TIMESPACE UK


    Anyone else ordered here in the UK, the order goes to TIMESPACE and I've been having some problems, the guy I spoke to today said there was no way to buy the whole Symphonic Cube in one go, i.e. one payment of £2600.

    He said that VSL were only going to let them to two invoices, £1300 each. He was going to go and ask his boss, to clarify but unfortunately my phone died at the time and I didn't have opportunity to get back to them.

    Can anyone else confirm if it is possible for the single payment option?



  • Tim,
    You will have the single payment option when all the international procedures have been implemented. Please give Time+Space a little bit more time, you will be contacted by them during the next few days with the information on how to proceed and asking you which price you want your credit carde to be charged.
    Cheers, Martin