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  • Hard Disc Size

    Could someone at VSL give me a heads up on size of hard disc required for the following.

    Symphonic Cube extended
    Pro Ed Complete Edition
    Chamber Strings
    Solo Strings (less Violin+Cello)
    Glass +_Stones
    Vienna Organ

    I'm hoping it will all fit on a 600GB unformatted size drive am I right?

    Also will the samples and instruments that were in the earlier editions that reappear on VI have different file names (i guess they will the way the new structure works) This is in case EXS manager is run to configure the old libraries.


  • unfortunately not ... first capacity given from harddrive vendors are usually decimal (1000 B = 1 kB, 1000 kB = 1 MB, ect) whereas VSL uses *true* size (1024 B = 1 kB, 1024 kB = 1 MB, ect) - this sums up to 600 GB harddisk holding about 550 GB data.
    the SC is expected to have 500 GB, the pro has 230 GB, chamber 18 GB solo 30 GB, G&S + overdrive around 6 GB each and the size of the vienna Organ (bonus instrument) is currently unknown. you should also add at least 10% capacity to be left as free space on your harddrive(s) to avoid data to be stored in the slowest regions of a drive

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • Hi Christian,

    I thought that the cube would be 400GB(after expansion from DVD) as it used a compressed format even when it resided on hard disc? Mind you even at 400GB for the cube they all won't fit!