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  • Registration Plea for Help

    Could someone please alert the support people to the fact that I've sent numerous urgent emails to them for help in resolving some issues?

    I received confirmation emails stating that I'd successfully registered Opus 1 & 2 and Horizon Solo Strings.

    The Performance Tool however refused to unlock and ever since all I get is a message saying the service won't acknowledge my request and that I have no registered products!!!!

    I've sent the computer ID that was shown on the Performance Tool registration page but nobody's acknowledged any of my emails. [8o|]

    I understand the need for security but it does seem to be a little over the top.


  • sorry john, i didn't receive a single email - have you sent it to even if you simply replied to the registration confirmation it should have reached my desk.

    it seems you had a doubled registration for your personal data and i have just sent you a message with a link for downloading the performance tool to continue.


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • Hello Christian,

    There must have been a problem with that email account - I do apologise. [:O]ops:

    Anyway, thanks - I received your email and everything seems fine now.
    I just sent a thank you message (wonder whether that will make it???)

    Once again, many thanks,