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  • Purchase Questions


    Ok how do I buy the SC? From this site, or from bestservice? Do simply order the Standard Set or do I have to inform now that I wish to but the SC? If thats the case, do I (and how) inform what other VSL products I own?

    How much will be charged now? The whole Standard edition, or 50% of it? I dont quite follow.


  • Christian

    I think this is the way it works:

    Order the Standard Symphonic Cube online here. This will simply then get VSL to inform your local distributor (in my case TimeSpace) of your order.

    Activation and payment for the extended portions is online via the synchrosoft licence manager and possibly something else. It will be important to register your exisiting products with VSL, if you haven't already, in order to get the discount.



  • Thanks for your help, Tim!
    Currently the most simple way is to order the Symphonic Cube (incl. the Standard Library) here at our webshop and purchase the access codes to the Extended Library later upon receipt of the Collections. You will be charged 50% of the Price of the Symphonic Cube Standard Edition now, and 50% when you receive the tenth Collection.
    Some people have asked us for the possibility of purchasing both the Standard Library and the Extended Library (at their personal reduced VIP price) now for taking advantage of tax deductions in 2005. if you want to order the Full Symphonic Cube (i.e. Std.+Ext.) now and get charged 50 % in December 05 please contact best service directly and let them know.
    Best wishes, Martin

  • No problem Martin! Can I have a 1% discount for every person I help [[;)]]

    On a more serious note - I've already placed my order for the standard version and have asked to be charged the full 100% now as I would prefer to pay everything by February. Is it also possible to buy the extensions en masse too - even if I have not received all of the VI Cube?

    I dont' mind paying VSL direct, on line but I would like to be able to spend the money by February if possible.



  • Tim, this will be possible, soon you'll be able to buy everything (also all of the Extended Libraries of the Symphonic Cube) in advance.
    Thanks, Martin

  • Thanks again Martin.

    Does this mean I should cancel my current order? Or am I ok to order the full lot of extenstions when that service comes up on the website?

    Sorry to be a pain


  • no need for that, tim.
    SC standard is cheaper than ordering the 10 collections standard individually.
    unlocking extended libraries costs the same, either doing so individually with collections or the whole SC extended at once.

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • Thanks Christian - can you also check your PMs as I've had some problems updating my user info page and not sure if you've seen my message yet?

  • Thanks both of you.

    Ok, Christian I just went to your shop where I had the option to 'Subscribe' - umm... well I did this which took me to the order page. But once I clicked 'order' nothing happned. I never got to a page where I could write my credit card info

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    christian, it seems we have a problem with the servername - please start from here until we fixed it meanwhile
    sorry for the inconveniance .... christian

    ps: the confirmation message does currently not say your creditcard will be charged for only 50%

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • Hello Christian,

    I ordered the complete SC (so standard and extended collections) all in one time via my local music shop, who ordered it via Best Services. Best Services were told that I already own the Pro Edition, solo strings and chamber strings
    Is this way to order ok, as did not order anything via the VSL site?
    Will I also pay half of it now and the rest after the tenth collection?


    Gerard Beljon

  • g.beljon, I don't know which dealer you've ordered from and if this dealer will be an Authorized Dealer for the Symphonic Cube. Please double-check with best service ( or +49 89 345 026) and let them know your e-mail address so they can check your registered products and give you information about the status of your local dealer. They'll also let you know about how to proceed regarding the 50% payment.
    Cheers, Martin