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    are the VI intended to play in real time or the same feature are avaible even when programming a sequence?

    the autorecognizing articulation feature will work well even if I programming on sequencer?

    I watch the video and I haven't undertand the velocity crossfade.
    so if I use this feature Can I control the dynamic with this controller at any velocity of my sequence or midi key on my keyboard?

  • The VIs like any other VSTi should be able to be played both "live" and from a seuqence. The advantage of all the programming, cross fades, speed control etc is that you can play the instrument live much more easily.

    And with most orchestral music, things sound better live and recorded rather than sequenced - gives it the more humanised quality - something I'm still learning...

  • Hello Christian,

    like Tim said, you can program or play live, it doesn´t make a difference for the Vienna Instruments.

    You use the Velocity Crossfade to control the dynamic - and you can switch it on or off on thefly, which is helpful with delicate passages....

    Best, Paul

    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL