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  • Another bonus idea for SC upgraders...

    How about this for a little extra incentive...

    Everybody that upgrades to SC gets all available additional side-grade licenses for other platforms free for the VSL content they already own.

    I could see this possibly coming in handy for some of my template use (since I'm using EXS24, Kontakt and GS these days). At any rate, it would be an extra perquisite that wouldn't cost VSL anything to provide. Once people got SC, they most likely would not consider shelling out additional cash for side grade licenses, so this wouldn't lose any sales or revenue for VSL.

    Lee Blaske

  • A suggestion which is worth to think about.


  • Lee,
    Nice idea.

    I have always wanted opus 1 and 2 just to have for road/laptop work.
    As a pro edition owner there was no down/sidegrade for me.

    If I upgraded to the cube extended and could as a bonus get opus 1 and 2 in kontakt format (since I would twice over own all those samples) it would indeed soften the blow and make it hard for me to keep my credit card in my wallet.

    Herb, thanks for considering this idea.

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    @herb said:

    A suggestion which is worth to think about.


    Herb if you are open to sugestions - as I've explained in another thread <<the player on more than one computer>> in Vienna Symphonic Library forum my work flow method is not possible under the new dongle system perhaps there may be an offering to get round this?