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  • Will VI run with Digital Performer?

    I've seen all the posts recently but I don't recall anything about DP.

    I've actually got Logic 7.1.1 because of the inability to run DP with the Pro Edition. I know that it (DP) runs the Horizon series successfully and I was just wondering if it would also cope with the VST/AU plug-in format of Vienna Instruments. If so then I could almost be tempted to shell out for the latest update to run on Tiger and have two sequencers at my disposal. The trouble is that DP, from my point of view, is a lot easier (though having said that it's early days with Logic).

    Not that I could afford Vienna Instruments anyway because I've already spent far too much money (unless I marry a VERY rich old lady: now there's food for thought...).

  • It will run in DP as an AU just fine as long as you have ver 4.x on osX.

    I will being running it on DP as well.

  • Same here. I had to leave DP to run Vienna. That was 3 months all of that and now it looks like it will work with DP.

    DP is much easier to use than Logic. I think that you need to allow yourself a few weeks to get it. (Speaking from experience)