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  • The future of Vienna Instruments?

    I don't know what ideas other people have, but I've been thinking about the possible workflow using these new instruments and figure that the ability to duplicate a matrix onto another instrument would be an invaluable time-saving tool.

    In most pieces you will find motifs and phrases played among several instruments.
    in these cases it is likely to be necessary or desirable to duplicate the delay, ADSR, filter, control, keyswitch setup etc. etc. of one instrument to another. And indeed have all of the corresponding articulations loaded into patches and matrices automatically based on the new instrument you choose.

    Do the VSL team see this sort of functionality as possible within the current software model?

    What else can we envisage as future possibilities for these new instruments?



  • At the moment you can save empty template presets, where you could assign all your controllers. Further you could assign empty dummy matrix files which already have dedicated controller setups.
    Of course you can save empty template presets filled with dummy matrix files.

    At the moment it's not possible to pre configure patch edit parameters.
    This parameters can only be configured when a a patch is loaded.


  • Well that's a good start. Maybe some ideas there to keep for future versions [[;)]] .

    Thanks for your quick response.