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  • Will the PerfTool be abandoned in Horizon?

    It seems logical that after introducing VI the User Interface will be unified in all VSL collections (e.g. Overdrive, Vienna Saxophones and so on).

    Can any confirm this?


  • This is the plan, you´re right.

    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thank you, Paul.

    Any idea about the date?

  • No, sorry, it will be announced as it´s ready.

    Thanks for your understanding,


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • When it's ready……really ?

  • The saxophones will be next after the Symphonic Cube.


  • Does it really means that eventually - in a near future hopfully - I will be able to use the VI plugin with also the Opus1 library for exemple?


  • We evaluate some concepts.


  • Something to consider for those Opus owners wanting to upgrade to "Opus VI" is the fact that you'll have to pay for the content again, as per the new VIP policy.


  • Just to be clear for others reading this, they will still get small discounts on all of the Extended editions. In the same way that all the other horizon discounts are calculated. It's just that there is currently no direct equivalent of the Opus package in a VI, as it's spread amongst all of the packages.


    Edit: I've no doubt that will change, but as with the original library they will probably have to wait for it. Perhaps there will also be some functionality missing from the VI. A cut down version? Who knows?

  • Colin,

    I'm sure there will be adjustments, but remember: Solo Strings owners have to pay the same amount for (generally) less content before they can upgrade to the new content (for virtually free).

    And this is for a library that is fairly self-contained as far as the content is concerned. Just imagine how complicated (and unfair) this might appear to those who only wish to get the new interface. Releasing Opus with a cut-down interface just makes the whole process more expensive.

    Then you have people screaming for the cut-down interface for their Solo Strings, etc.


  • I didn't really want to get drawn into the price/upgrade debate again. I was just trying to make the position clear for people reading he thread.

    The fact is it's not going to be available yet and there's nothing to stop people upgrading gradually - you can't upgrade to something that isn't available.



  • Yes you are correct. I do not want to debate either, just clarify. After all, the misunderstanding of these new packages and how they relate to the old packages is what got people hot under the collar. I, for one, am eager to update.

    I just feel bad for those who misread the language "only 35 EU for the extended content" and think that that is all they have to pay.



  • I can achieve just about anything with Opus 1 and Epic horns. I was planning on getting Opus 2 while it was on sale. If the plan is to eventually bring the VI to the Opus series I am definitely going to do this. Otherwise I feared that Opus1 would go away.