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  • Really disappointed



    I bought Horizon Solo Strings at the end of September (the 23).
    Two months later leave the new one.
    Then I must pay again the standard version to have right to an update in version extended to 30 euros....

    445 euros (old Solo String)
    + 375 euros (new version standard + extended upgrade)
    = 820 euros
    It is as if I had never bought Solo String first version...

    It is limiting swindles !!!

    Why not make a rebate for the users of the first version?
    With final, I will pay it two times. I will have better done to wait two months...

    Super sympatic !

    It would have been just of acorder a rebate to those which pays since the first version.

    I'm really disappointed to see how VSL treats the "old ones".

    [[:(]] [*-)] [:@]

  • You get a discount of 415 Euro for the solo strings you already have.

    There was also summersale from mid July to mid September for the Solo Strings, they cost less than 400 Euro. I'm sorry that obviosly you have missed this sale.


  • Hi.

    I have any rebate of the old solo strings to new ("Standard edition).
    I have a rebate if I buy the full version, no ?
    And I bought it in store 445 euros, not less than 400 euros.