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  • VIP, a bad joke?

    I've already paid for the complete Pro Edition. Does VSL actually think I would even consider paying the same amount of money a second time. Even if I had that kind of money I wouldn't do it. I don't need any more samples anyway. 16 bit is just fine with me. How about a reasonable upgrade to the new interface for about $200 and no new samples. Won't the new interface work with existing samples?

    And while I'm complaining, I'd also like to state for the record. VSL is the most expensive software I have ever purchased and has the worst installation procedure I have ever seen. Why don't they use an installer, one that knows where to install the various libraries of samples?

  • welcome charlzz,
    great to hear you are happy with the pro edition and the amount of samples and articulations is enough for your purposes.

    as i've already posted in another thread the *old content* cannot be loaded into a VIENNA INSTRUMENT because the bit-depth differs, the mapping changed, meta information for *old instruments* are not available - so absolutely no route for this (technically)

    the installation precedure until now depended on the design/filestructure/format of the respective supported sampler and we don't know where you'd like to have your data or how you are used to have your libraries organizes. they are simply extracted (uncompressed) - selfextracting on windows, using stuffit or better UnRarX on the mac.

    the collections of the SYMPHONIC CUBE come with an installer (.msi on windows, .dmg for macs) - we found a way to provide such an automated installation as well as the freedom to move your content to any location on your computer. but such things are only possible, if you have everything (and especially the sampling engine) under your control


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • hi charlzz.. welcome to the world of vsl..

    yes we are being had, and no we can't do anything about it

    it sucks big time

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    @fitch said:

    hi charlzz.. welcome to the world of vsl..
    yes we are being had, and no we can't do anything about it
    it sucks big time

    Although I disagree with some aspects of VSL's upgrade strategy, I still find it appropriate to hold up common standard of behaviour and manners.
    This type of post is NOT gonna contribute to getting anything changed.


  • sorry tele... but those that know me , know i tell it as i see it ..

    if it's good i'll shout and pass the word.. I've been spreading the word on the quality and depth of these samples since they came out..

    if it's bad i say so too.. we're being ripped off with this upgrade, pure and simple

    no matter how much i love those samples.. i know a bad deal when i see one