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  • Is this a flaw? - Discount Calculator


    I've just found what appears to me to be some unusual behaviour in the Discount Calculator - maybe it's me, it is gone 2am.

    Here's what I found:
    I was looking to see if I could save anything by buying more Horizon titles at the holiday prices. I entered Opus 1 & 2, plus Solo & Chamber Strings as products already purchased and was given a discount of £1205 on the full Extended Cube.

    If I also had Mallets, I got an additional £46 discount.
    If I also had FX.Perc (and no Mallets) I only got an additional £13 discount.

    So you might think that if I had both of these titles in addition I would get £59 of additional discount, yet I got an impressive £143 discount.

    Is there a problem here? Or am I missing something?



  • I was using the discount calc just one minute ago as the lights in my room dimmed and an eerie voice appeared to be coming from right out of the screen... said...

    "Don't buy now"....

    Weird !! [8-)]

  • That's funny Thor, my computer said the same thing [8-)]

  • colin, there was indeed a mistake in the rule for FX and mallets and some subtotals have been missing. your discount should now show as 1.432
    sorry for the confusion, christian

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • Thanks for coming back on that, I appreciate you've got a lot going on.