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  • VI Standalone and multi instruments

    Have we to open it several time or you can have more than one instrument per software ? Maybe the information is writing here but I didn't find it.

    Thanks guys !!

  • You have to open several. But each instance could have all the articulations of a section. So rather than having 6 midi tracks for the violins you have one instance for violins, and consequently one miditrack.

  • So, each time we have to open a project, we have to open the software for each instruments.

    However, what could be the best software to open all the VSTi ?


  • Well yes. If you have your template on your sequencing computer, then it would have to reload every time you change project. However loading times are really fast.

    If you have them loaded on slave computers using V-Stack, like many people do with gigastudio, then the instruments would stay loaded. That way if you load a new project, using the same template nothing would have to be opned or reloaded.

  • V-Stack confuses me. I just ordered two computers thinking I would have GS3 on one and Sonar 5 on the other. If I use VI instead of VSL and use V-Stack instead of GS3, can I put V-stack on my second computer where GS3 had been, assuming I have a GSIF2 compatible sounddcard capable of delivering both MIDI and audio back to my main DAW?

  • Yes this is essential to know before buying SC;

    Can it work on a separate PC? Through LAN-setup? putting both this workload - and other libraries - on the same PC as i.e. Cubase/audio editing is too heavy.

    Please, can someone at VSL answer?

  • Yes, Vienna Instruments work on a seperate PC as well.

    You need MIDI and Audio of course, and a MIDI chainer of your choice, like V-Stack or VST MIDI chainer. We are currently testing all products we can get our hands on with many different DAWs and will publish the results as soon as possible. You can of course also use them as VSTi´s on your sequencer machine.

    Best, Paul

    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thanks Paul. I work on Cubase SX3.1, via MIDI over Lan to a separate PC currently working GS 3.104 with VSL pro ed + other lib's. This is where I would/might install SC.

    I have to fully understand the concept in order to consider this investment. So far VSL products are top quality.

    Discount calculator didnt work for me. Still don't know what the price would be for SC.

  • Hey Jørgen

    When you try the discount calculator, make sure you check "Extended" rather than "Standard" - your discounts will only apply to the "Extended" part of the library.

  • Pardon me, but, what does SC stand for?

  • SC = Symphonic Cube

    A bundle of 10 Vienna Instruments collections:

    Solo Strings
    Chamber Strings
    Orchestral Strings I
    Orchestral Strings II
    Woodwinds I
    Woodwinds II
    Brass I
    Brass II


  • Thanks for that. Once upon a time, were'nt you guys going to sell your full package on its own hard drive? What happened to that? I realize that people buying separate sections make that more difficult but...