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  • So how do I buy it?

    Ok, if I want to buy the whole Symphonic Cube today what do I need to do?

    My understanding is this:

    Buy the Standard Library Offering for £2600 (of which I will pay half now and half in April)

    On receipt of the standard library I can upgrade and pay for the Extended version online.

    However if I activate each extended library as I receive them (over the course from Jan to April) I will end up paying more than if I buy the Full Library - this is according to the discount calculator. It will cost an additional £531 to buy the full package but an additional £773 if I activate them individually?

    Or am I missing something in the activation? Can I activate the Full Library from day 1 - i.e. without having all the DVDs.

    I also understand that I will receive the Concert Organ FREE and also the newly touted EPIC VIOLINS from Herb - again for FREE.

    *EDIT* Also I notice that in the shop it looks like you want to charge the full £2600 now on to my credit card.....

    Please can you confirm I have understood the process and clarify the credit card charges.

    Many thanks


  • I too would like to know this (especially the pay half now, half in April). This is the main factor in me considering purchasing the library.

    Looking at the discount calculator, buying each part seperately results in you spending £2842 on the standard edition (an extra £242 from purchasing them all simultaneously). However, adding up each Extended version results in no difference. Is this is the extra £242 you mentioned when activating them individually? If so, I imagine it would make no cost difference, other than if you were to purchase the Standard libraries individually.

  • Yeah, I basically looked at the price for the Full Library and then if I bought each extended library seperately.

    Please can someone from VSL confirm all this? Especially the credit card transactions? Is it £2600 now or £1300? Its a big difference to me and others I guess.

  • how are you getting £2600... i have 1st ed pro ed, chamber str, solo str, glass+ stone, french ob, epic hrns and am being quoted £ 2944

    maybe you have every horizon

    and i'm still pee'd off that us Irish based customers are being quoted in sterling we are a EURO!!!! country


  • to be honest though.. it still makes no different. I'm not getting the credit card out for this.. i still have to see how it'll pan out for us Mac users yet.. and then i'll wait for the price drop LOL

  • yeah!!! I HATE that!

  • You won’t pay more activating the Extended Library of each Collection as you receive it. The bundle price of the Complete Symphonic Cube is £6,137, no matter when you receive or unlock the individual parts of the Collections. You can activate each Collection’s Standard and Extended Library as you receive it or even later. So when you receive the Solo Strings, you’ll be able to access the Standard Library, and you can download the code for unlocking the Extended Library at the price of this particular extension. The bundle price of the Complete Symphonic Cube (Std.+Ext.) is the total of the Symphonic Cube Standard Lib. Bundle Price plus the 10 Extended Libraries (at the personal prices of the individual user), there is no Bundle Price on the 10 Extended Libraries, the reduction for the bundle (£242) has already been included in the Standard Library bundle reduction. So if you don’t own any of our sample libraries, the Complete Symphonic Cube Bundle Price is £2,600 + £3,537 = £6,137.

    As for the Early Bird Offer, this means that £1,300 will be collected from your credit card now. You will pay for the Extended Libraries as you purchase the access codes online. And you will pay the final £1,300 as you receive the tenth Collection. However, some users have expressed their wish to pay for the Complete Symphonic Cube Std. + Ext. Libraries (be it 50% or even 100%) this fiscal year for tax deduction reasons. We will consider this possibility in arrangement with our distributors. When you order the Symphonic Cube at this Early Bird stage, you will be contacted by our distributors to confirm the payment details.

    Cheers, Martin

  • Martin,

    2 questions:

    I own the Complete Orchestral Package. If I decide to buy the full library one instrument at a time:

    Solo Strings
    Chamber Strings
    Orchestral Strings I
    Orchestral Stings II
    Woodwinds I
    Woodwinds II
    Brass I
    Brass II

    This will still come to the same price as if I were to buy it all at once, according to my calculation. The discounts seem to match. Is that right?

    Question 2:

    I'd like to understand that last post. How do you convert Euros into $ ?



  • Guy,
    The discounts match in the case of the Extended Libraries. Here it doesn’t matter when you buy, ie., if you unlock your Extended Libraries all at once or whenever you prefer. The bundle discount for ordering the whole bundle at once applies to the Standard Libraries only. The Symphonic Cube Standard Bundle is $4,620 as opposed to ordering 10 Standard Collections individually for the total of $5,130.

    The Pound sterling of my last post converted to US-$:
    Complete Symphonic Cube Standard ($4,620) and Extended Libraries without discounts ($6,370) = $10,990
    [...] As for the Early Bird Offer, this means that $2,310 (50% of $4,620) will be collected from your credit card now. You will pay for the Extended Libraries as you purchase the access codes online. And you will pay the final $2,310 as you receive the tenth Collection. [...]

    Best, Martin

  • Martin,

    Ok thanks.

    One thing though! When I called ILIO VSL, the person who spoke to me did not seem clear on this 50% now and 50% later. I hope they are well informed...