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  • Quick Question about standard, extended and full

    Okay - this has probably been covered but would someone please humor me and tell me what the difference is between the standard, extended and full version of the new vi. Thanks.

  • Hi Fred - good to see you here [:)]

    The Full collection is the Standard and extended combined.

    Standard includes the standard articulations and playing styles, and extended includes more advanced playing styles and additional articulations.

    The exact difference between articulations is yet unknown except from Chamber Strings, Solo Violins (the only two charts posted online). You can see the chart in the detailed description of the two in the products category of this site

  • I was initially confused by this, too. You need to buy standard before you can add extended to it, so the full price is standard + extended. You'll notice that as of now, you can't click on extended at all (presumably, that will be activated once the standard versions are actually out in the field).

    Lee Blaske