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  • Can you confirm that?

    I read this two or three times (for example at about upde price of the new product:
    For example, a user of the Horizon Series Solo Strings will be able to purchase the complete 38 GB of the Vienna Instrument Solo Strings Extended Library for a handling fee of only €30/$35.

    But I'm not sure about that and about the clarity of what the Vsl teams wrote about upgrade price?
    Can somebody confirm this little price?
    Best regards

  • thats not right, you have to buy the version over again then an upgrade.

  • Well, the coded version is like you say. But for being able to purchase the extended upgrade at 30/35, you actually need to buy the standard version at full price.

    So the more rational version would be - as existing user of Horizon Solo Strings you pay about 430 for the full version (extended and standard).

    See the various post over here (e.g. Standard, extended, full?)


  • Thanks for your answer,
    But finally lot of money ... And when I look at the video the "standard" version,it seems to be the same name of library as usual in gigastsudio?!
    Finaly standard version looks like new artfiles without Gigastudio ..?